MathsTrainers Pro

Updated (March 2013) to work with MPro in the Wifi or bluetooth classroom

Please note that the following screenshots do not include the MPro tab. The new Teacher Manual gives a better overview of the latest version.

Settings Page

Select User - choose previous user from a list
Pupil - User's name
Class - User's class or group name (allows users with same name to be distinguished - particularly if connected to MPro)
Level - difficulty setting
Multiple Choice - 4 options or user needs to input answer
Chimney Sums - ON or OFF
Timed - check progress against the clock
Help - displays Help guide (or MPro may send link to URL that can be viewed using this button)
Connect - head-to-head against other device
Purge - too many records, then try getting rid of a few

Trainer Selection Menu

Seven different trainers to choose from


Division Trainer selected - level 4
reset to put score back to 0 out of 0
Next Question for the next question
+/- to incerase or reduce difficulty level
Numbers to choose from as an answer

Timed Results


Timed results for each trainer
Best ten results for each trainer stored
  Date and Time of result
  How long it took
  Tick to show all correct - shows accuracy
  Trainer symbol to show fast time

All Activities Stored for User

Accessed from "Analysis" on timed results view
This user has 1840 records of activity
Shows what user was doing - identify usage

All Scores for User

Accessed from "Activity"
Shows scores
Colour coded to quickly identify inaccurate responses
Shows trainer used
Shows Level of difficulty
Shows mode (NMC - multiple choice, NDE - data entry, T-timed
Shows score
Shows date and time
Shows user and class

Summary of Progress for User

4 week backlog of activity
Grid shows trainer by level activity
Indicates numbers correct and incorrect

Useful to monitor progress over time